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前海城市新中心地標方案設計國際競賽公告 Call for Entries: International Competition for the Landmark Design of Qianhai New City Center

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一、項目說明Project Introduction


Project Name: International Competition for the Landmark Design of Qianhai New City Center



Host: Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen

Shenzhen Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources


Organizer: Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Investment Development Co. Ltd.


Project location: the landmark is proposed to be located in the northwest coastal area of 01, Unit 17, Qianhai Mawan Area, Shenzhen.

1.4競賽目的Competition Purpose

粵港澳大灣區作為世界第四大灣區,是中國建設世界級城市群和參與全球合作的重要空間載體。前海按照“依托香港、服務內地、面向世界”的要求,承擔著自由貿易試驗、粵港澳合作、“一帶一路”建設、創新驅動發展“四大國家戰略使命”等在內的多項國家戰略定位,是 “特區中的特區”。適逢粵港澳大灣區發展規劃綱要正式發布,打造代表粵港澳大灣區形象、弘揚特區精神的全球性地標,具有重要的里程碑意義。

As the fourth great bay area in the world, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an important spatial carrier for China to build world-class city group and engage with the world. In accordance with the requirements of "relying on Hongkong, serving the mainland and facing the world", Qianhai has undertaken a number of national strategic goals that include these four major national strategic missions-Free Trade Zone, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation, One Belt One Road and Innovation-driven Development. It is the Special Zone in Special Zones. With the official launch of the Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it is of great significance to build a world landmark which represents the image of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area  and promotes the spirit of the special zone.


According to the work arrangement of Shenzhen Municipal Government, the International Competitionfor the Landmark Design of Qianhai New City Center is officially launched. We sincerely invite excellent designers and professional teams from home and abroad to participate in the competition, hoping to collect the most creative design scheme with international view and create a new logo for the new city center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with a high standard and starting point.

1.5 設計范圍Design Scope


The design area is 8 hectares, including 3.2 hectares of sea area and 4.8 hectares of land area. The specific location of the landmark shall be proposed by the designer.


Coordination area is 38.8 hectares. Overall consideration is given to the spatial relationship between the landmark and the coastal ecological parks in the east and south, and integrated consideration is given to the functions, landscape, facilities, slow traffic system, forms and surrounding municipal conditions of the landmark and its surrounding areas. Combined with the existing planning and project plan of the adjacent plots (passenger terminal or the other public facilities), relevant planning suggestions are put forward to meet the needs of a world-class new landmark in the bay area.


The Location of Qianhai in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area


The Location of Future Landmark for the New Qianhai City Center-The Plan of New Qianhai City Center


Design Scope and Research Scope

二、競賽規則 Competition Rules


The competition consists of two stages: Stage 1 - invitation + open registration and prequalification; Stage 2 - proposal preparation and review.

2.1第一階段-邀請+公開報名及資格預審Stage 1 – Invitation + Open Registration and Prequalification


Through invitation + open registration, this competition is open to the world collecting ideas. 5 domestic and foreign top design companies, art masters and other professional teams are invited to participate. Meanwhile, an announcement is made on well-known websites, newspapers, magazines, multimedia, famous universities and other channels all over the world, collecting ideas and scheme designs from professional individuals or design firms. Through prequalification, 10 more competitors will be selected from the open applicants to participate in the competition. Open registration needs to submit registration document and conceptual proposal. Please see further details from the Competition Document.


The 5 invited competitors have been selected though a jury meeting, and the name list is as follows(in alphabetical order):

1.Foster + Partners Limited

2.MVRDV B. V.+Studio Other Spaces GmbH(藝術家奧拉維爾·埃利亞松事務所)

3.Sn?hetta(斯諾赫塔事務所)+伍韶勁(Kingsley Ng)

4.株式會社藤本壯介建筑設計事務所(Sou Fujimoto Architects Inc.)

5.朱锫建筑設計咨詢(北京)有限公司(Studio Zhu-Pei)+徐冰(Xu Bing)

2.2第二階段-方案編制及評審階段 Stage 2 - Proposal Preparation and Review


The competitors shall submit the deliverables in accordance with the Design Brief. All deliverables will be reviewed by the jury. The jury will make an open vote in rounds. An independent voting will be held after much discussion by the experts. Two candidates for the first prize will be selected after rounds of voting, and the first prize winner and the second prize winner will be selected by the host. In addition, the jury will select 2 third prize winners and 3 excellent prize winners.

三、競賽日程安排 Competition  Schedule


March 29th,2019:Issue the official announcement and accept registration  


April 19th,2019(Tentative):Q&A Meeting


Before 15:00, April 30th, 2019 (Tentative):Deadline for submission of registration documents


May 8th, 2019(Tentative):Prequalification to select 10 shortlisted competitors from the open applicants basing on their registration materials and conceptual proposal


May 17th, 2019(Tentative):Notification of the shortlist of open applicants


May  24th,  2019 (Tentative):Site visit /Q&A and kick-off meeting


Before 15:00, July 25th,  2019 :Deadline for deliverables


All the time is subject to Beijing time. The hosts reserve the right to adjust the schedule.

四、相關費用 Related Fees



First prize (1 or none): (if any) RMB 3 million (about $450,000). If it is decided to award the contract for further design, the bonus shall be deducted from the design fee;


Second prize (1 or 2): RMB 2 million (about $ 300,000);


Third prize (2): RMB 1.5 million (about $ 200,000) each;


Excellent prize (3): RMB 1 million (about $150,000) each.

4.2設計補償費Compensation of Design Fee


If the open shortlisted competitors submit qualified deliverables but fail to win the prize, each will receive a compensation of RMB 400,000.


You can take bonus or compensation, whichever is higher. No compensation will be given to the participants who submit unqualified deliverables.

五、資料索取 Access to Information


Information about the competition can be found at the following websites/Wechat Subscriptions:







Information can be downloaded from the following website:


六、 聯系方式Contact Information


Contacts: Ms Gong

聯系電話:0755-88271330, 86-18028723613

Tel.: 0755-88271330, 86-18028723613

郵箱/ E-mail:gongyinjia@cmhk.com, competition@ehow.net.cn

收件地址: 深圳市前海深港合作區臨海大道59號海運中心20樓

Address: 20th floor, Marine Center, No. 59 Linhai Avenue, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Shenzhen


Zip code: 518000





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